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Swiss Love

Ever thought that the Swiss flag has warmth and beautiful colours?

Our Prema (love in Sanskrit) Mat reflects the warmth of the Swiss flag and Switzerland.

The Swiss edition Prema Mat has the same colours as the Swiss flag. If you do not need too much grip for your yoga practice the Prema mat is perfect for you. If you sweat the mat grips better. 

The Prema mat has a fine soft towel like surface. It is 100 percent latex and rubber free (if you are allergic to latex). It is the perfect choice if you like a soft towel feel on your mat.  

  • L 180 x W 66 centimeters, 4 mm thick, 3.2 kg

  • 100% recyclable

  •  Made from microfibre and polyurethane base

  • Skin friendly 

  • Super shock absorbent 

  • Asana alignment assistance 

  • Spray water to get super yoga posture grip

  • Easy to clean

  • Yoga mat bag is included with your mat

  • An environmentally friendly wooden name tag to personalise your yoga mat is included


Care instructions

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