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In your yoga practice your yoga mat is your best friend and companion. We recommend that you always have a personal yoga mat which you take to to your yoga classes and have at home for your yoga practice. Do not share you yoga mat for hygienic reasons.

It is easy and simple to take care of The Yoga Mat.

Care instructions


  • After your yoga session wipe The Yoga Mat with your dry towel.

  • To clean your mat use soft water (not mineral) only and a non-abrasive sponge (only if needed). 
     Minerals clog the cells of The Yoga Mat. 

  • Do not use aggressive cleaning chemicals.

  • Air dry flat on the floor. 

  • Store your mat in the provided mat bag.

  • Do not leave your yoga mat in the sun (will dry the materials of your mat).

  • Do not share your yoga mat for hygienic reasons.    


We wish you a long and a happy practice on your yoga mat.

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