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Yoga Mats For Ashtanga Yoga

What are the best yoga mats for Ashtanga Yoga?

Ashtanga Yoga is a popular yoga style that is highly structured and challenging. In Ashtanga yoga, a series of pre-defined poses or asanas are performed in a continuous and flowing manner as you connect your movement with your breath. As this type of yoga requires a constant flow and is a little bit more severe, it can definitely get into a sweat. Ashtanga Yoga is a great cardio workout for burning fat, strengthening and toning muscles, increasing concentration and reducing stress.


So, what are the best yoga mats for Ashtanga Yoga? Because you need to work up a sweat and stay on the ground in your poses, the best yoga mats for Ashtanga Yoga are non-slip and easy-to-clean mats. Here at The Yoga Mat in Bern, Switzerland, we offer great yoga mats for Ashtanga Yoga.


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