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The Great Elements "Mahabhutas"

According to the Samkhaya philosophy the universe is made of the five great elements, Space (Akasha), Air (Vayu), Fire (Agni), Water (Jala) and Earth ( Pritvhi).

Our Elements collection pays tribute to the great elements "the Mahabhutas in sanskrit", we have made five colours celebrating the five elements.

The Yoga Mat Elements collection has the five colours representing the five elements in the universe.

Pink Space "Akasha" Mat

Blue Air "Vayu" Mat

Red Fire "Agni" Mat

Green Water "Jala" Mat

Charcoal Grey "Pritvhi" Mat.


The Elements Collection is manufactured with biodegradable natural tree rubber and Polyurethane, it contains no toxic smells, (there can be slight rubber smell that disappeared after a few days).

The Elements Mats are.

  • 100% Earth friendly 

  •  Contains No toxic smells (there is natural rubber smell the disappears in a few days).

  • Biodegradable natural tree rubber and polyurethane base (not for latex allergic yogis)

  • Phthalates free  

  • PVC free      

  • Chlorine free  

  • Silicone free            

  • Skin friendly 

  • Super shock absorbent

  • Super yoga posture grip 

  • Asana alignment assistance​

  • Easy to clean 

  • Yoga mat bag included​

  • An environmentally friendly wooden name tag to personalise your yoga mat is included​​

The Yoga Mat Elements Pro

The Yoga Mat pro is 180x66 centimetres, 4 mm thick and weighs ca 2.3 kg.

The Yoga Mat pro is the best option for your home and studio yoga practice, It is a good

option for professional Yoga studios, take it to your yoga classes and your home practice. 

A grey mat bag with an environmentally friendly wooden name tag is included to personalise your mat.

The Yoga Mat Elements Lite​

The Yoga Mat lite is the same size as The Yoga Mat pro, it is 180x66 centimetres. The only difference is that it is 2 mm thick and weighs about 1.5 kg.

The Yoga Mat lite is your best travel companion. It offers the same alignment help and non-slip qualities as the pro version but is half as thick as The Yoga Mat pro.

A grey mat bag with a  environmentally friendly wooden name tag is included to personalise your mat.

Care instructions

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