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Earth Friendly Yoga Mats

Live The Yogi Lifestyle with Earth-Friendly Yoga Mats

If you are proud of your yoga mat, you will definitely be proud of our Earth-friendly yoga mats. For those who care about our planet and for those who care about their skin, our yoga mats are definitely for you. The Yoga Mat, based in Bern, Switzerland, is dedicated to providing organic yoga mats that never lack quality. Our mats are 100% environmentally friendly. Made from biodegradable tree rubber, they provide extra support and more padding to keep you in your poses on the ground. They are also free of phthalates and chlorine that can irritate the skin.


If you are looking for an Earth-friendly yoga mat, visit us. Each yoga mat comes with a bag and a personalized label so you'll never be confused as to which yoga mat you own. Buy today at

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