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Its time to fall in love with a yoga mat

The Elements Collection

Pro 4 mm   Lite 2 mm



The Yoga Mat Elements Pro

The Yoga Mat pro is 180x66 centimetres, 4 mm thick and weighs ca 2.3 kg.

The Yoga Mat Elements Lite​

The Yoga Mat lite is the same size as The Yoga Mat pro, it is 180x66 centimetres, and is only 2 mm thick and weighs ca 1.5 kg.

The Karma Mat

The Karma Mat is deep black- if you like black, you will love The Karma Mat.

It is L183 x W 66 centimetres, 5 mm thick and weighs ca ca 3 kg.

The Maha Maya Mat

If you like deep purple you will fall in love with this mat.

The Maha Maya mat is L 183 x W 81 centimetres, 6.2 mm thick and weighs ca 3.2 kg.

The Prema Mat

The Swiss edition (red and white) Prema Mat is 180 x 66 centimetres, 4 mm thick, and weighs 3.2 kg. 

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