A Yoga mat is the heart of your Yoga practice. What do you need in your Yoga mat? The Yoga mat should be stable, it should give you a good grip so you do not slip, and the most important it should guide you in your yoga practice. Wrongly placed feet in a yoga asana decide if your yoga posture right or wrong. A wrongly done yoga pose can have wrong effects. The Yoga Mat is designed by Shahid Khan, a practical and well known yoga master in Switzerland. The Yoga Mat is made by a Yogi for Yogis. Try it and change your yoga practice.

Best Yoga Mats for Iyengar Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga.

Yoga Teacher Trainings for The Yoga Mat are offered by Yoga University Switzerland in Bern, Switzerland.


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The Yoga Mat is a new revolutionary non-slip and alignment yoga mat that improves your yoga practice. We offer premium yoga mats and yoga straps hand stitched in Switzerland. Our Yoga straps are probably the most innovative and highest quality in the world.

Try them and see the difference. 
It has probably the best grip of all the yoga mats on the market.
The Yoga Mats are made from environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. 
Through teaching and practicing we have the experience that consistent and right distances between the legs, arms and angles of the feet give the right posture. The right posture improves your yoga practice. The right yoga practice gives freedom from within.
The Yoga Mat helps you to understand how to align your yoga posture and at the same time gives you a firm grip on the mat.


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Shahid Khan is a long time yoga practitioner and a Yoga teacher from Pune (India). He has studied with the Iyengar family in Pune (Iyengar Yoga). He presently teaches in Bern (Switzerland) and has developed his own Yoga method called Yogveda Yoga.

During his asana practice he always made lines on the yoga mat to perfect his postures.

In his classes he had to explain how to align on the mat which took a lot of class time and correction time. Thats why he decided to design a mat that saves class time and correction time. The yogis can easily align on the mat whether at home or the yoga studio.

 After years of working on a mat and editing different patterns on the mat for the best asana understanding the "The Yoga Mat" was born.

Shahid Khan is the founder of: 

The Yoga Mat

Yogveda Yoga

Yoga University Switzerland